Terms and conditions


Due to the nature of the product, please accept that breakages will occur during  the normal transportation of goods from the factory to the site. Allow the following breakage percentages: Paving  Bricks up to 5% No breakage claims will be accepted for breakages falling within the above limits.  COLOUR AND DIRTY OR SOILED PAVERS: Efflorescence – This is due to dissolved salts in the cement and aggregates migrating to the surface and forming a white crystalline layer, which is soluble in dilute acid. Efflorescence is influenced by  rain with subsequent drying. This may affect the colour of bricks and pavers, Brickyard Factory  does not accept responsibility  for the occurrence of efflorescence on its products, or treatment thereof. Colours and shades and product dimensions are  approximate due to the fact that the raw materials are naturally sourced and mould wear occurs. Customers are advised to request samples or invited to inspect the Products before dispatch. Shades of the Products may vary from batch to batch. Due to the nature of our industry and products, it is possible that products can get dirty occasionally. Customers may find  that the bottom layers of bricks in the packs are soiled due to dust or mud. It is a generally accepted practice for contractors  to clean brickwork or pavers thoroughly after placement. This practice will rid the bricks of dirt and dust that has accumulated  during storage, transportation and on site. Claims for soiled products will therefore not be accepted.  ANY CLAIMS TO BRICKS WILL ONLY BE REPLACED. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LABOUR  OF  LAYING/REPLACING BRICKS SHOULD A DEFECT ARISE. THE INSTALLER SHOULD BE SATISFIED PRIOR TO LAYING. NO CLAIMS WILL BE ENTERTAINED ONCE BRICKS ARE LAYED.


Please ensure that the unit is installed by a certified Electrician. No Guarantee on Alternators/Starters. Please ensure units that have ats installed never run without fuel as excessive automatic starts will burn the starter as well as damage the Fuel Pump. Any Tempering / Modifcation of the unit wil render the unit warranty null and void. Please ensure that that unit being purchased is to your power requirements Prime power (RPR) is the normal output continuously available, where the average load (variable) does not exceed 65% of the prime power rating during an operating period of 250 hours. The total operating time at 100% prime power must not exceed 500 hours per year.A 10% overload is available for a maximum of 1 hour in 12 hours of operation and must not exceed a total of 25 hours per year. Standby Power (LTP) is the maximum output available (at variable load), for up to 200 hours per year. The average load (variable) must not exceed 75% of the standby power rating, with less than 25 hours per year at the full standby rating. No overload is available. The genset must not operate, at standby rating, in parallel with the public utility under any circumstances. All Generators comes with 800hours / 1 Year Warranty which ever comes first.